Friday, 15 October 2010

30% off Blood Bowl Legendary Edition!

If you are an existing player of Cyanide's Blood Bowl then there is a 30% discount waiting for you. From Cyanide's forums:

In order to thank as best as we can a large part of the community for the enthusiasm and support we received, we prepared an exceptional offer for the players who already own Blood Bowl (standard or Dark Elves editions). If this is your case and if you want to benefit from the offer, please take your Blood Bowl player key that you can find on the back of the game's instruction booklet (retail version) or that you have received by email (digital version) with you. This key will be requested when you order Blood Bowl Legendary Edition.

As a Blood Bowl player, you will then benefit from a 30% discount when you buy the digital version of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition in the official shop.

On October 28th, you will then receive your Blood Bowl Legendary Edition activation key as well as the link to download the game. Be one of the first to discover all the new races, the stadium, and the huge content of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition!

In order to prejudice no one, please note that multiplayer servers of Blood Bowl will undergo maintenance from the 19th to the 26th of October, in order to prepare the release of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. We are working on a special operation that will allow players who pre-ordered Blood Bowl Legendary Edition before Tuesday 19th October evening, to receive the game next week, in order to participate in the last server tests before the release.
We will confirm this operation early next week.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blood Bowl Legendary edition

I haven't played the digital version of Blood Bowl since last year but that is probably about to change.

It's not that the game was bad, far from it. It was the digital game that introduced me to blood bowl and made me interested in the Warhammer Universe. I did not get involved with the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game, but right now I am GMing a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay group. Even more, one of the players is a friend that was playing Blood Bowl (digital) with me too. I believe, that Blood Bowl had a minor part in this, even in a subconscious way.

True, the game had some bugs, or some rules were not 100% compatible with the tabletop Blood Bowl, but this was not the reason that I stopped playing. The main reason was the bad matchmaking system, or lack thereof. And Games Workshop's hostile attitude towards fan sites.

I am currently playing League Of Legends casually. It has a superb matchmaking system, automatically matching you with random players of equal skill. This would have benefited the digital blood bowl game a lot.

Now, Cyanide, the developers of Blood Bowl Digital are almost ready to release the Legendary Edition. Actual date is supposed to be 28th of October. The rules are going to be almost the same, updated in areas that have lagged behind the official evolution of tabletop's blood bowl, including more star players and wild cheerleaders. The most obvious improvement, the one that's broadly advertised is the inclusion of almost all official teams. Halflings, Undead, Nercomancers, Amazons and so on. Sadly, I have not heard anything regarding the existence of a stellar matchmaking system. I hope they implement this and that they will take a hint from similar competitive games such as League of Legends.

As a bonus to existing players of Blood Bowl, they are offering a 30% discount, which is rather significant to me. I think I am going to buy this, if they have implemented a match making system. But first I am going to wait a week or two and gauge the reactions of players in the official forums. I wish I could recommend this game to more friends of mine. Turn based games are my favorite genre, but sadly I am in the minority here. This, coupled with the large rulebook (it's almost as big as a roleplaying rulebook) might turn them off

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Blood Bowl card game.

FFG, currently my favorite game company, just announced...

Friday, 2 October 2009

Spacemarine movie in the works?

It seems a Space Marine movie is in the works according to The Movie Blog. Codex Pictures, the studio that brought Bionicle to animated life, plans to do the same for popular tabletop game Warhammer 40,000. Computer-animated Space Marines and Orks will do battle in their own DVD movie, Ultramarines.

News of the production of a movie was unveiled at UK Games Day, the biggest event in the Games Workshop calendar, on Sunday, September 27 2009.
Follow the progress of Ultramarines at
Besides rumours to this being a straight to DVD movie, there are also rumors that it's going to be CGI only movie, like the FF series or the latest Resident Evil movie.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Patch imminent, information

There are rumors that a patch is going to be released, following the UK release of the game. Also, I collected some rumors regarding the next patches and what is going to be included. Remember these are just rumors. => Match contents (skills problems and GUI), probably next week. Like past patches, patchnote will be avalaible near before release => matchmaking => more information after

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Log analysers and various other application tools for Blood Bowl

I am trying to limit my Blood Bowl game time until Cyanide releases a patch that addresses the disconnection issues and the exploit that has been going on around. Until then I am spending some time reading the forums. During this time I found some useful tools. Hopefully, more tools will be released in the future.

BBPC analyser: Backup and match log analyser
BB dice analyser: BB dice results analyser
BB team editor: Edit your team (I think this only works in Single Player though)

Friday, 7 August 2009

New patch for Blood Bowl - version

Patch notes for patch - August 6:

- Morg 'n' Thorg - a new Star Player - is available for all races!
- Bouncing ball when using Frenzy shouldn't freeze the match anymore
- Fixed a case where multiplayer invitation didn't work
- Fixed a crash when AI had no players left on field
- Fixed a memory leak in the GUI

Not many bug fixes actually, and blood bowl community (judging from the forums) was hoping a lot more.

Official patch post here.

Update: Pmcc from Cyanide posted on the forums that: 'A server maintenance will be scheduled next week to tighten up security.".